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Modesta Vzesniauskaite

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Dicembre 2005 -eng

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  1. Modesta, during the 2005 season you won three races with the Nobili Rubinetterie team. After Stahurskaia's suspension, you were considered the winner of the GP Carnevale d'Europa, of a stage and general classement at the Giro di San Marino. You also get some other good results.
    Are you satisfied with your season? Did you expect better results?

    Of course I'm happy with these wins, but it would be better to cross the finishing line as a winner. I was aiming for the European Championships and for a good Tour de France. I only got a bronze medal at the European championships while the Tour was canceled.

  2. In 2006 you will ride for Team FRW. Do you already know some of your future teammates? In the past, if I can recall, you were in the same team as Giorgia Bronzini.

    I have already met the girls, that was great! I know Giorgia better because we were in the same team (Ausra Gruodis - Safi). It was all good with her because she is a kind, nice and spontaneous person.

  3. What are your goals for the next season?

    I would like to have a great Giro d'Italia or Tour de France. I'm also aiming for some world cup races (the tough ones) like Fleche Wallone (Belgium).

  4. You started riding at age 12. What was the best day of your career? And your worst one?

    I had very good times with the national team. We worked hard together doing our best to get good results. The relationships were good and there was a nice and friendly atmosphere. After the race we were happy even if we had a bad day... we quietly met together in order to understand our mistakes.
    My worst day? The world championships 2000 in Plouay. Our coach did his best for us while we almost ranked last.

  5. Why cycling?

    Because I immediately had good feelings. It was nice staying together with friends. Then I also wanted to become like Ziliute and Pucinskaite.

  6. What are you going to do after your cycling career? What are your dreams?

    At the moment I'm also a student. I would like to have a job related to sports. Then I like babies very much, perhaps I will do something for them. I also like organizing... I will maybe organize women races.

  7. You live near Milan, right? Where do you usually train? How many kilometers do you ride in a year?

    I live near Bergamo and I often ride roads with few traffic...for example towards the Roncola climb.
    This year I only rode 18000 kilometers.

  8. How long have you been living in Italy? Do you like it? Do you miss Lithuania?

    I miss Lithuania very much, but Italy is an ideal place for my job. Here I can find warm weather, climbs and races.
    I went to Italy for the first time in 2001 together with the national team. I live here since 2003. It's very nice here and I feel home, but I miss my family very, very much.

  9. Modesta's physiology: some data.

    Threshold wattage:
    Resting heart rate: 42
    Maximum heart rate: 192
    Threshold heart rate: 178

  10. Do you like other sports besides cycling?

    I like athletics, basket (when Lithuania plays), MTB, free skating. I like sports very much because you have to work hard in order to get good results...and that's beautiful.

  11. What is your favorite food?

    Grilled swordfish with vegetables and polenta.

  12. And your favorite hobbies?

    I love dancing very much.

  13. What kind of music do you listen to?

    I listen to Roxette, Laura Pausini, Biagio Antonacci... it depends on my mood.

  14. Do you often surf the Internet?

    Not very much since I don't have it at home. Only when I'm with my friends.

  15. Vzesniauskaite, a very difficult last name for Italian people. Is here anybody able to correctly pronounce it?

    It is also difficult for Lithuanian people, but many Italian friends already pronounce it well.

    Thank you very much. I wish you a great 2006 year.

    Thank you and thank all the visitors to this site! Peace, joy and message for this Christmas... have a wonderful new year!

    Best wishes.


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